SOUNDTRAP Quiet Plumbing System

Imagine buying a vehicle (any vehicle) without it having a muffler, or noise control products and systems incorporated in to its design? Roger Foulds, founder / creator of Soundtrap and its award winning systems, has an extensive background in automotive noise control and engineering. With this unique background, Roger has created many new in-roads in residential noise control for your new dream home, such as the SOUNDTRAP Quiet Plumbing System.

Flushing the average Canadian toilet generates over 60 dBA of noise. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHREA) has established that homes are considered quiet at N-C 30 for living areas and N-C 25 for bedroom areas.

This means that over 35 decibels of noise will have to be removed before homes are considered quiet in bedrooms and over 30 decibels of noise have to be removed before living areas of the homes. This does not mean that you will not hear the noise, only that it will be considered very quiet.

The Soundtrap® Quiet Plumbing System removes noise in two phases:

Phase One:

At the installation of the plumbing / piping rough-in, the plumber will install SoundStrap® plumbing pipe isolation materials to our specification. (Removes up to 20 dBA of plumbing noise.)

Phase Two:

After your rough-in plumbing has passed inspection and pressure tests, Soundtrap® applies the SOUNDWRAP™ pipe covering system. (Removes up to 10 dBA of plumbing noise.)

If you upgrade to cast iron drains, or quieter pipe types, you can only expect 5-8 dBA of drain noise to be removed. Soundtrap has also measured PEX water lines in excess of 70 dBA! The Soundtrap Quiet Plumbing System works with ANY pipe type. You can use any local code compliant drain, vent, waste and water supply pipe material and expect blissfully quiet plumbing (Cast iron, ABS, PVC, copper and PEX pipes will be considered quiet by ASHRAE.

If you are interested in the Soundtrap Quiet Plumbing System for your dream home, then contact Soundtrap today for more information.

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