In Jurassic Park, one of the most challenging scenes for the filmmakers to create was the scene where T-Rex stomps towards their vehicle, and every time the T-Rex stomps forward, that impact creates a ripple effect in the cup of water. They accomplished this special effect by attaching a bass note guitar string to the frame of the vehicle and by plucking the guitar string, the energy and vibration from the string was then transmitted in to the frame, cabin and cupholder of the vehicle. i-Riser™ Seating Platforms are designed and engineered to react in a similar way, using sound and vibrational energy to create 4D cinematic motion experiences – nothing mechanical and nothing gimmicky.

i-Riser™ Passive Home Theatre Seating Platform Technology is the first generation of its kind and allows viewers to experience subtle 4D cinematic motion, by only using sound waves.

The i-Riser™ Passive Seating Platform relies on low frequency sound energy emitted from the chosen audio system subwoofers and speakers. When low frequency sound energy reacts with your i-Riser™ Seating Platform, that energy converts from airborne sound energy to structure-borne vibrational energy. The intended special effect results in you, your family and guests feeling that energy in your seats and bodies – Fun!

Also, unlike competing mechanical 4D actuator system technologies, no special ‘coding’ is required, which allows your i-Riser™ Seating Platform to work flawlessly with ANY of your desired TV, Movie, Music, Gaming and Media content.

This is fun stuff and a lot of people really like it! But… We thought the Passive system lacked some power, especially if the chosen subwoofers were on the weak side or not set up correctly or the room geometry and acoustics were not optimal – there are many variables that can affect the user experience.

To overcome these challenges, we created i-Riser™ Active Home Theatre Seating Platform Technology, which enables viewers to have total control of their 4D motion experience. This technology allows you to connect your audio system directly to your i-Riser™ Seating Platform, allowing you to experience and control the purest and most immersive 4D motion experience available on the market today.