Power… Experiences… Emotion…

i-Riser™ Seating Platforms

Imagine if you were sitting down enjoying your favorite drink at your favorite patio… Then all of a sudden a low flying plane flies over your head and out of nowhere it releases an array of bombs that cascade far enough away in front of you that you are safe, but close enough that you can feel the enormous power and energy it creates… Would you only feel this energy in your seat or chair, or would you feel it in the ground and all around you?

SOUNDTRAP® designs and manufactures cutting-edge 4D acoustic motion systems for Home Theatre, Music & Gaming Room applications.

i-Riser™ motion technology uses i-Thunder™ acoustic transducers built-in to the seating platform(s) or raised floor, designed to create the most realistic experiences possible. It uses the energy of sound in perfect harmony with the audio signal engineered by the artists and sound engineers who created them. Not only does i-Riser™ and i-Thunder™ technology create breathtaking experiences for you and your guests, it also improves your rooms acoustics and audio system performance and quality.

i-Riser™ is specifically designed to resonate at the right frequencies and only the right frequencies. Nothing gimmicky, nothing mechanical.

Don’t be fooled by other ‘so called’ motion systems out there that rely on complicated software, programming and mechanical devices that ONLY shake the individual seats, or chairs. They do NOTHING for your rooms acoustics or audio system performance and can glitch and like most things mechanical, in time they diminish performance and can wear out.

Best part… i-Riser™ costs significantly less than any other professionally designed and engineered motion system available.

If you are seeking the very best for your Home Theatre, Media, Music or Gaming Room, or if you are an A/V integrator and professional looking to provide your clients with incredible sound – that you can feel! Then, Speak with a SOUNDTRAP® Home Theatre Professional and find out how we can help you.