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Home Cinema & Media Room

The desire to have the very best. If this is what you crave… New experiences every time. Or, to listen loud at any hour of the day or night. Then be prepared to experience the best in Home Theatre & Media Room Innovation and Technology in the World.

SOUNDTRAP® can help you with turn-key or a la carte products and services, such as:

Theatre Design

THX Certified Professional Audio / Video Design

Acoustical Design With SOUNDTRAP® Proprietary Acoustic Room Modelling Software

Optimized for Dolby Atmos & Auro Technologies 3D audio codecs

Award Winning Noise Control Systems & Technology

i-Riser™ Seating Platforms with i-Thunder™ Acoustic Transducer Technology - NEW

Intainium Home Cinemas Designs

NEW Luxury Optimized Room Designs that can be installed in only days!
If you are passionate about Home Theatre & Media Room, or working for someone who is… Speak with a SOUNDTRAP® Home Theatre Professional and find out how we can help you.