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Breathtaking Sound

Your room design and room geometry can significantly enhance or limit the performance of your audio system. Why bother spending the majority of your home cinema budget on high performance equipment, if you are only going to hear a fraction of what that equipment was engineered to deliver?   Consider two scenarios;

Scenario One 

You have an acoustically optimal home cinema and a $300 surround sound system.

Scenario Two

You have sub-optimal or poorly treated acoustics and a $20,000 surround sound system.

So, which home cinema / surround sound system will sound better?  

Answer...  'Scenario One' will always yield a sonically superior result.  

If you swap out surround sound systems and place the $20,000 system in the acoustically optimal home cinema, then you can expect a best-in-class audio playback experience.

Audio equipment upgrades are fairly straightforward to do after your room is finished.  Upgrading your room acoustics is often not as easy to do and can be very expensive and time consuming.  

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