NOISECOAT Mechanical Room Systems

(ASHREA) has established that homes are considered quiet at N-C 30 for living areas and N-C 25 for bedroom areas.

Soundtrap has developed NOISECOAT for the Mechanical Rooms and Systems in your dream home. NOISECOAT is a visco-elastic coating for vibration dampening, reducing resonances and vibrations from becoming unwanted noises in living areas and bedroom areas.

NOISECOAT can be offered in different protocols, depending on the amount of noise control required for the mechanical systems and room.

Not only can you reduce the noise from your mechanical systems and mechanical rooms, in your dream home, you can also reduce the transfer of conversations and noise through the supply and return air ductwork.

If you are interested in NOISECOAT Mechanical Room Systems for your dream home, then contact Soundtrap today for more information.

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