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SOUNDTRAP Inc. is a 'Construct Canada' Innovative New Products & Technology Award Winning Company for Residential Noise Control & Acoustics.  Whether it's mechanical noise, loud speakers or poor privacy between bedrooms and bathrooms, noise is a reflection of quality and noise affects your  lifestyle.

SOUNDTRAP Inc. Innovative New Products & Technology

The Installation of isolation material that separates all plumbing and electrical pipes and cables and includes the process of controlling flanking noise between floors and walls by the filling of small cavities, particularly in the plumbing and electrical system.
The Installation of acoustic wrapping of small pipe work with acoustic barrier material and the process of sound reduction of rushing water and cavitating of solids that pass through the plumbing system of the house.
The Installation of noise reduction materials onto the structure of the house parts, particularly the furnace and heating system to include the duct work and includes the use of dissipative silencers to effectively reduce the sound of the furnace from travelling throughout the home, and flexible duct connectors to eliminate furnace vibration noise from the duct system.
The Installation of vibration damping materials onto the structure of the house parts, particularly the steel, wood and plastic parts.
The Installation of acoustic absorption material to all underfloor areas of the house and to specific walls, and includes the process of noise reduction to these areas.

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Michael Chen Testimonial

"In a seemingly endless desert of installers with questionable ethics, Soundtrap & Intainium home cinemas, are an oasis in this industry.  The words "enthusiasm" and "integrity" just keep coming to my mind.  They love what they do and truly have the interests of their clients in the right place."

Michael Chen, THX Video Systems Instructor, The Laser Video Experience.

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